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Missing teeth or ill fitting dentures cause poor lip & cheek support

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High precision custom fit dentures


When complete or partial dentures become part of your life, where do you go?

Meet denturist Hartley Zelcer. The Zelcer name has been synonymous with dentures for over 50 years now. “It takes time to build a reputable practice. People come from all over Manitoba, Canada and the United States. Over 80% of our business is a result of repeat customers and referrals.” says Hartley Zelcer.

When visiting Zelcer Denture Clinic, you will find Hartley and his staff to be very friendly and courteous. “We treat everyone like family. We offer an honest and professional evaluation as to the best possible results that can be achieved with each individual denture wearer.” says Hartley Zelcer. Zelcer Denture Clinic have always taken great pride in providing the public with the highest quality materials imported from around the world, made available at a very affordable price. Hartley explains that some practitioners will offer several different prices for their dentures depending on their needs and budget. Hartley believes that there should not be such a wide range of cost for dentures because materials and products used to manufacture dentures can’t justify charging an inflated price. A well fittng, natural looking product is the result of the practitioner who made them.

Dental implants may be an alternative for denture wearers. However, before one considers this surgical procedure, speak with Hartley Zelcer first.

Zelcer Denture Clinic provide services such as complete dentures, dentures over implant, partial dentures, relines and repairs. Zelcer’s accept all federal and provincal plans, offers free consultations, free denture cleaning and same day dentures with an appointment.

At Zelcer’s, achieving a healthier, happier and more rewarding lifestyle is just a visit away.

The most beautiful thing you can wear is a smile!